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Welcome to INCAE

With more than 50 years of history, we are much more than a business school. Faithful to our mission, we support the development of the region through: 1) the training of leaders with a global perspective for Latin America; and 2) applied research in impact centers, especially in the areas of competitiveness and sustainability, entrepreneurship and development of women leaders.

We compete today in a global world, students and executives choose us from a selection of the best business schools in the world. For this reason, INCAE competes in excellence in all areas: professors, programs, research, facilities, technology and reputation. We attract the best talent in the region and abroad.

We apply the latest trends in research and learning methods inside and outside the classroom to have a positive impact on the careers of the participants, the companies they belong to and the development of the region.

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Activities and Mission

INCAE has three key activities:

  • Master's programs in Business Administration in fundamental areas for the development of Latin America.
  • Executive training programs and seminars.
  • Research projects for the competitiveness and development of the region. INCAE has an applied approach that combines best practices and the global frontier of knowledge with reality and the environment.


Actively promote the integral development of the countries where it serves, training leaders for the key sectors, improving their practices, attitudes and values through:

  • Research, teaching and the dissemination of modern management concepts and techniques.
  • Strengthening of analytical capacities and understanding of economic, political and social phenomena.
  • Facilitating dialogue, understanding and collaboration among individuals, sectors and countries.

Our Campus

INCAE Business School has two modern campuses, located in Managua, Nicaragua (founded in 1969) and in Alajuela, Costa Rica (founded in 1984).

Our Difference

We promote the development of the region through the formation of leaders, applied research and the promotion of intersectoral dialogue.

The sustainable development of Latin America requires responsible, innovative and updated leaders. For more than 50 years, INCAE has inspired thousands of people, giving them the necessary tools to bring progress and prosperity to their countries.

As the best business school in Latin America, INCAE has promoted the progress of the Latin American society through the training of regional leaders through the Masters and Executive Programs.115427_chatting-dog-faces-745045.jpg

1.Faculty Global experts with regional recognition

INCAE attracts an outstanding Faculty. specialized and high performance. Our professors assume with leadership their vocation to develop executives with the best managerial practices. Their research and practical experience are oriented towards a problem-solving approach that creates lasting value and impact. As a result, INCAE graduates and participants know the latest business trends, and are able to apply the most innovative management tools.

The Faculty of INCAE is unique in Latin America, being composed of 93% by professors with doctoral degrees from the most prestigious universities and schools in the world, such as Harvard, Wharton, Oxford and the Sorbonne, among others.

The diversity of the academic team of INCAE is another of the tools used to offer a globalized perspective in the classrooms. The teachers belong to 16 different nationalities and work in more than 18 countries.

2. Case Method (Relationship with Harvard Business School)

INCAE uses the case method intensively, as a participatory methodology that leads to the development of an exceptional analytical capacity, impossible to acquire only through conferences and presentations.

A case is a document developed in conjunction with the executives of a company and shows all the necessary dimensions for students to analyze the situation thoroughly and suggest alternative courses of action to solve it.

Because of the way the INCAE program is organized, each student analyzes a case at least three times:

  • Individually,
  • With the support of a study group (multinational and multidisciplinary), and
  • In plenary session with the guidance of a teacher.

The case method, when handled by a professional faculty and trained in the method, allows the effective transmission of tools and management concepts. In parallel, he develops analytical skills, creativity, self-confidence and communication skills in students.

3. Multinationality

The possibility of interacting with students from other latitudes offers the option of sharing not only learning, but having a whole process of cultural exchange. Approximately 20% are women, a percentage that continues to rise year after year.



4. Network of graduates of INCAE:

INCAE has graduated more than 16,000 people from 50 different countries, in its MBA and Senior Management programs, and has also contributed to the training of tens of thousands of professionals and senior managers through its executive programs. In addition, INCAE receives more than 6,000 executives every year to attend any of its programs, expanding its impact and contribution to the development of the region.

We maintain direct contact with the network of graduates, among which Managers, Directors and Presidents of important companies and representatives of the public sector as well as great entrepreneurs of the region set the pattern of the development of countries where they serve with their leadership.

Upon graduation, the Incaist will have a unique international network of contacts that he can use in his professional management.

International AGI's

INCAE cultivates the relationship with and among its graduates. It has formed a network of Graduate Associations of INCAE that is present today in more than ten countries.

Its mission is to maintain relations and represent the interests of graduates before INCAE, stimulate relationships and business among graduates, promote the updating of its members and, in general, stimulate active exchange.

In addition, encourage support for the mission of INCAE in the formation of leaders in Latin America.

National Committees

The National Committees are groups of very high level businessmen that represent INCAE before the community and the government of their respective countries, at the same time, they make sure to ensure that the local impact of INCAE is the maximum possible.

Programs taught in:

This school also offers:


INCAE Business School

The MBA Global Perspective focuses on providing the necessary tools to students who require comprehensive training in different management areas. It allows students to re ... [+]


The MBA Global Perspective focuses on providing the necessary tools to students who require comprehensive training in different management areas. It allows students to refine their managerial experience by consolidating it with the study areas of the program.

It has been developed with the purpose of actively promoting the development of the countries served, educating leaders in key sectors by improving their practices, attitudes, and values. The direct impact of our students on companies in Latin America improves the quality of life and the business environment. The program allows students to have an experience with a global perspective, which is considered fundamental by employers.... [-]

Costa Rica Garita District, Alajuela
September 2019
15 months
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INCAE Business School

The specialization program facilitates students with less managerial experience, focus their studies towards specific objectives and enhance their knowledge in areas of p ... [+]


The specialization program facilitates students with less managerial experience, focus their studies towards specific objectives and enhance their knowledge in areas of particular interest.

Students develop teamwork skills to face challenging opportunities and situations in their communities. The purpose of this program is for students to focus their studies in a specific area, according to their needs: Sustainability, Marketing, Operations

In addition, it offers students the possibility of making regional exchanges to learn from the reality of other regions, broadening their vision of the world and that in many occasions allows them to establish global contacts.

Resume... [-]
Costa Rica Garita District, Alajuela
September 2019
15 months
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