Australia has always been a popular destination for international undergraduates, but now comes news that it is on its way to pushing the UK out of the second place spot behind only the US. One particular field of study where international student numbers are surging is business schools. Here’s a closer look at the phenomenon, as recently reported by Financial Times.

Booming Growth

Overseas student numbers have increased by 12 to 14 percent annually, according to data from the University College of London’s Centre for Global Higher Education. Driving the boom, according to scientists? Business students.

UCL professor Simon Marginson says, “Australia shares the advantages of all English-speaking countries in the global market. Its reputation for quality is not as strong as the UK [and the US] but it has a favorable climate and proximity to East and Southeast Asia, and it is closer than the UK to India. These are the most important source regions for international students.”

The Immigration Factor

Experts also point to fewer students concerns about Australia when it comes to migration and the possibility of becoming migrants.

Isle of Man native Kim Watson, who completed her master's degree in business analytics in Australia, said, “I thought it would help me find a job and, in turn, a visa so I could stay permanently,” She now works as an analyst at one of Australia's leading health insurance companies.

The FT also points out that while Australian business schools are among the best in the world, they are still playing catch up with US MBA programs in terms of reputation and recognition. In turn, Australian business schools are endeavoring to improve their world rankings through initiatives including bringing more 'big names' on board to teach or advise on research and hosting more international conferences.

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