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31 MBA Programs in Administration Studies Human Resources Human Resource Management 2024



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MBA Programs in Administration Studies Human Resources Human Resource Management

A Master of Business Administration is a popular choice of study for students who hope to develop leadership skills, land a higher paying job, and/or develop networking opportunities.  MBA programs typically offer a curriculum that touches on multiple aspects of the modern business managerial experience.

What is an MBA in Human Resource Management? Many MBA students choose to focus on a sharply defined niche within the study of business administration, and human resources is increasingly becoming one of the more sought-after offshoots. The relationship between employees, employers, managers and the workspace is at the core of the study of human resources. Students take courses like organizational behavior and strategic management and are trained to serve as advocates for employees as well as to participate in the recruiting and interviewing process of new hires.

Students who pursue this degree can attain a variety of skills that they will take with them into the workforce. Skills in negotiation, organizational behavior and mediation are just a few that may be gleaned from this course of study.

Cost for an MBA in Human Resource Management varies according to length of the course of study, location of the school and whether the program is offered online or in a classroom setting. Students have a variety of options and should be able to find a program that fits their own financial need.

As long as there are employers and employees, there will be a robust job market for human resource professionals. Graduates of an MBA in Human Resource Management program typically are viable candidates for jobs like HR consultant, human resources manager, international human resources professional, nonprofit human resources expert, employee education consultant, training and development manager, executive recruiter and human resources IT specialist.

There are both online and on-site education opportunities to earn an MBA in Human Resource Management. Think about what you want and determine which option is a perfect fit. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.