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Swiss eLearning Institute mini MBA
Swiss eLearning Institute

mini MBA

Zürich, Switzerland

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Feb 2024

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Business administration skills are valuable for your business. The Swiss eLearning Institute Mini MBA course gives you a bundled package of knowledge in all the areas of business covered in a typical MBA. Learn the basic conceptual framework of business including business management, leadership, human capital management, finance and accounting, and marketing and sales. Choose the Swiss eLearning Institute’s Mini MBA course.

The flow of the mini MBA course starts and ends with you, the human being. Mastering a leadership thought process enhances your ability to go beyond traditional thought, which is the intention of this course. The first chapter focuses on developing the inner you. After creating some new thought processes, we move to external concepts like human capital and finance. Then we weave back into further critical thought with ethics and the legal environment that provide the foundation for successful negotiations. Finally, the common strategies of corporate social responsibility initiatives carried out by most large corporations are discussed. The marketing and sales topic transitions from an organisational perspective into the personal application, empowering you to be able to effectively market yourself in any career.

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