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New European College Master of Business Administration (MBA) Finance
New European College

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Finance

Munich, Germany

3 Semesters


Full time

01 Jul 2024

26 Aug 2024

EUR 6,100 / per semester



If you are looking to advance your career in financial management, or pursue a career in the finance sector or department of a company, then the MBA in Finance will enable you to make the leap into management roles from an existing position or prepare you to enter a new role at a management level.

An international team of lecturers and business leaders has designed this MBA for those ready to make the climb into management roles, either from an existing job or graduates with some work experience who are aspiring to become managers. Together with the traditional MBA building blocks, this MBA in Finance offers additional modules with a particular focus on international finance, investment, and corporate finance.

Throughout the NEC MBA, we take a strategic perspective on business and management, always from an international viewpoint, and help you develop the skills to contribute to major decisions made by your current or future organization to help their future.

We welcome students from any academic or working discipline background to apply for this program. Many entrants enter the MBA program with a science or technology background – it is not necessary that you have studied business or management before – the first semester equips you with all the tools you require to specialize further on the MBA in Finance program.

Pursuing this program will:

  • further develop your current skills and experience to a management level
  • extend your interest in financial decision making
  • develop a strategic perspective on business

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) has become an academic career boost for both entrepreneurs and corporate workers. Globalization demands MBA graduates with truly international business education.

With our MBA in International Business, you will gain the necessary skills and tools to be able to take over challenging positions with managerial responsibility. For students without previous education in business, the MBA is the perfect program to qualify them for managerial positions.

Our MBA in International Business connects theory and practice and is taught by instructors with significant experience in their profession. Small groups allow for very interactive education. As our MBA students need to first have job experience to be able to enroll, the individual experiences and backgrounds of each and every student make classes even more enjoyable. Our faculty members use activating elements such as case studies, simulations, projects, and presentations to give every student an opportunity to easily connect the gained knowledge with their personal experiences.

The most traditional MBA employment field has always been the financial sector. An MBA in Finance is often followed by students from a wide range of backgrounds, and whilst the demand for MBA-qualified staff is increasing, the finance sector still accounts for over 20% of all MBA jobs. Whilst many MBA Finance graduates find employment in the corporate financial sector, many small, medium, and large companies are snatching up MBA graduates who specialize in finance.

“An international business administration professional will develop into a career person who is able to organize, develop products, services, and policies, instigate and execute policies, perform under stress, control processes, analyze organization traits, utilize human resources and plan their management, motivate staff and personnel, manage financial information, use information effectively, plan and organize campaigns, understand internal and external markets, interact with the surroundings, network, manage chains, communicate effectively, show leadership skills, manage meetings, present ideas, sell ideas and products, speak and write in the English language, participate in company and organization decision making and understand local and international cultures and the effects these have on the organization and the individual.”

“Business Administrators can operate in financial or technical environments but also management and leadership settings and a combination of these. They must understand the need for leadership and motivating people. They must understand the impact of change and the need for innovation. The Business Administrator will understand the need for good communication skills and have a good understanding of society, economics and sustainability. Understanding the need for stable and solid management within a company, large or small, is important. A business person in modern-day Europe needs to be able to communicate with people across the continent and across the world, and requires the ability to understand the effects of national and international governments on the business ventures they are involved in.”

Some popular career paths for Finance MBA graduates include:

  • Senior financial analyst;
  • Financial controller or director;
  • Manager of a finance department;
  • Chief financial officer;
  • Commercial or investment banker;
  • Real estate or insurance finance manager;

“An MBA qualified Business Administrator is specifically able to manage a number of complex and integrated business operations within an international or a local setting, at both a tactical and strategic level, using skills and competencies that require a capability of inter-disciplinary thinking. They will show the ability to combine solid research and critical analysis skills to develop an organization’s corporate strategy within its business and cultural domain.”



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