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European School of Data Science and Technology - ESDST MSc in Big Data & Business Analytics
European School of Data Science and Technology - ESDST

MSc in Big Data & Business Analytics


18 Months


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EUR 13,500 / per year



Big Data Analytics has emerged as a discipline that emphasizes the development of advanced data-driven computer programs that can access data around the globe. Data analytics tools, techniques, and a multitude of techniques have provided businesses with alarming ways to analyze data and unravel insights. Big data analytics has emerged as a clever clog to analyze this varied and magnanimous data. This has served as a boon to businesses as it enables them to rummage informed decisions out of the data pile.

Big data analytics comprises advanced analytics involving intricate applications of statistical, and mathematical concepts in conjunction with advanced algorithms. This upbeat and hands-on style to reach business decisions is transformative because it empowers decision-makers with the power to make informed decisions to approach real-time business objectives.

The MSc program in Big Data & Business Analytics would allow students to gain an understanding of the various data sources and enable them to study, understand and analyze the data incurred across sources. This program in big data analytics follows a multi-disciplinary approach at its center, focusing on the prevalent as well as evolving Big Data tools such as Hadoop and Cloud Architecture.

This program is everything one would need to make an effective career shift and delve into the world of big data analytics.

Students will discover the concepts and gain expertise in the usage and applications of algorithms of Big Data Analytics. They will have abundant opportunities to plunge into advanced concepts.

Through hands-on projects, students will gain experience with the concepts behind search algorithms, clustering, classification, optimization, reinforcement learning, and other topics and incorporate the learning in R Programs.

This program enables students to embrace the concepts of Big Data and understand their extension to its application. Students work on projects involving the development of facial recognition systems and manipulation.

Every student of ESDST is assisted by an industry-specific mentor. A mentor is responsible for guiding the students through the courses and offering them experiential and core learning with real-life examples.



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