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Asia University College of Management International MBA
Asia University College of Management

International MBA

Nantun District, Taiwan

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Sep 2023

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International MBA


The International Master of Business Administration (IMBA) was founded in 2007 to develop and foster the skills and knowledge students need for success in the global business environment. The program offers a diversified choice in majors, including Marketing, Finance, International Business, Leisure and Recreation, and Accounting and Information Systems.

The IMBA program emphasizes global business theory and practice and aims to develop students who have a rich understanding of international business operations and the different methods and techniques used in problem-solving. Upon graduation, many of our students embark on promising careers in industry, government, or academic institutions.

Learning goals

Professional skills

Students should be equipped with intermediate professional knowledge and skills of their fields of expertise in order to facilitate their career and/or to get advanced studies and demonstrate their intermediate capacity in general, management-specific, and multidisciplinary skills and knowledge.

Communication skills

Students should be equipped with superior oral and written communications skills.

Analysis & problem-solving skills

Students should be equipped with analytical thinking in addition to strategic, creative, and innovative problem-solving skills.


Students should be equipped with professional ethics, virtuous values, and ethical conducts.

Global perspectives

Students should think with global perspectives and concern international issues.


Graduation requirement: 36 credits, including 27 credits of Required Courses and 9 credits of Elective Courses.

Required courses

Master’s Thesis (6 credits), College Required Courses (12 credits), and one Major Course (9 credits).

College required courses:

Marketing Management, Organization Theory, and Management, Research Methodology, Financial Management.


  • Marketing Management
  • International Business
  • Finance
  • Leisure &Recreation Management
  • Accounting

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