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Aden is focused on the training and professional development of company directors and managers, both in face-to-face and e-Learning. It is characterized by the innovation of its learning models oriented towards practical application and the use of interactive, experiential and playful class methodologies, taught by professors who transmit their vast managerial experience and transfer best practices that are applied in companies throughout the Americas. Latin.


Promote the growth of talent and impact the results of their organizations, through an agile, innovative, flexible, experiential and practical educational ecosystem, with a global vision.


To be the educational community of reference in the development of leaders to create and transform organizations.


  • Integrity
  • collaborative innovation
  • Excellence
  • Service vocation
  • Passion
  • Global perspective


Aden has developed a pedagogical learning model with high interaction, called the Pericles Model of Transformation, which enables the transfer of knowledge acquired in the classroom to the workplace, with an eminently practical approach.

To deepen the Pericles Model of Transformation, Aden has 50 business simulators, one of the most effective ways to develop new skills, change attitudes and reinforce and internalize knowledge.


  • Rioja,460, M5500, 460