ESP - School of Communication & Marketing


ESP (Ecole supérieure de Publicité) is a school for higher education in the fields of Advertising, Communication, Marketing and Management - located in Paris. Since 1927: ESP has been training experienced professionals in those fields and has been actively involved with communication agencies, media organizations and advertisers. A pioneering school with (almost 90 years!) experience, ESP is proud of its recognized expertise:


A quick history of ESP: In the early 20th century, the United States invented Advertising. A group of French professionals then joined together to develop advertising know-how in France. At that time: - PUBLICIS, the first French Advertising Agency, was created in 1926. - ESP, the pioneering school of Advertising in France, was created in 1927.


National Certification: ESP is a private school of higher technical education, certified by the French government. ESP delivers «professionalizing» degrees which provide training for specific professional skills. Accordingly, these degrees (Bachelors and Masters) are certified by the government organization RNCP (National Register of Professional Certifications). IAA Certification: International recognition, issued by the IAA after a detailed review of courses («Each course is accredited and Individually Assessed Scored, through a rigorous, benchmarked IAA Education Council process, ensuring an Internationally Recognized quality of teaching required by the global communications industry for its future students and young professionals»). ESP IS THE 1ST PARISIAN PRIVATE SCHOOL [SMBG EDUNIVERSAL RANKING] Since 1927, ESP has maintained its lead, being ranked as the “top private school in Paris” by SMBG EDUNIVERSAL (2013/2014). This Classification is based on three essential criteria: the excellence of training, starting salary (of graduates), and the satisfaction level of students.


  • Ecole Supérieure de Publicité, de Communication et de Marketing 9 RUE LÉO-DELIBES , 75116, Paris