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EMBA Programs in Management Studies

Many of those planning a business career complete a bachelor’s program and then enter the workforce. At that point, some find that they can accelerate their career goals by considering a master’s level program. An Executive MBA (EMBA) in Management gives them the opportunity to earn this important degree while maintaining a full-time job. So, what is an EMBA in Management?

An EMBA in Management covers the same general curriculum as a traditional MBA, but provides a leadership focus. Topics of study include accounting, finance, human resource issues, and others, but do so from the perspective of a manager. The executive program provides a fast track for working students who desire to complete their education within two years. Management studies prepare students for leadership positions in dynamic companies and large corporations. They not only teach the tools of leadership, they inculcate the particular mindset of successful managers.

Members of executive programs generally have actual business experience; often ten years or more. This focuses the academic training to the context of real-world problems. It also serves as a great motivator. Executive students immediately see the importance of what they learn, and how to apply it in their companies.

Academic institutions around the world each have their own associated costs and requirements. Besides tuition, students should expect to pay the costs of books, travel expenses, and the purchase of a modern laptop. Often, sponsoring companies will pay for all of these charges.

On completion, many EMBA students stay with their company and assume a management role. Others move to a leadership position in a new company. Some are placed at the head of a startup that has just received venture capital funding. Others start their own businesses or enter the workplace as consultants, serving as efficiency experts, change managers, or distressed business saviors.

Anyone considering an advanced management degree can choose an institution from among those most respected in the company where they work, or in their industry. Students can greatly reduce the travel load for their degrees by choosing an online program. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.