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Spain, which sits on the Mediterranean in the Iberian Peninsula, is one of Europe's most popular tourist destinations. The rich history and vibrant culture of Spain is the stuff of legends. Yet it is not just a place for tourists to spend time watching bull fights and lounging on the beach. Spain is also leader in the development of renewable energy and offers a culture and cosmopolitan lifestyle that is the envy of much of Europe. The country's education system is also well-received, and people who are preparing to study business will find many opportunities for international students in the major cities of Spain.

Study Business in Spain

Spanish graduate level business degrees are designed for those who have recently graduated with business training or who have been working in the business world for a while and are looking for career advancement opportunities. The academic year is broken up into two semesters. The first runs from October through February and the second runs from February through June. Each university will vary in its specific schedule, but most stick to this basic schedule. Spain uses a public university system that allows international students to receive the same low tuition rates of Spanish students. For graduate level training, the cost will depend on the number of credits of the program. The cost is between 960 and 1,800 EUR depending on the number of credits, and this is set by the government. Students have access to free healthcare while studying in Spain, which is a benefit of choosing this country for MBA studies. The length of an MBA program in Spain will vary depending on the student's schedule. Students who can study full time can complete the program in one year, but others who need to space out their studies to work or enjoy the culture of Spain can take two or more years to complete their MBA degree. Regardless, once the degree is complete, a Spanish MBA degree is an excellent asset for those looking to work in business throughout the Spanish-speaking world and much of Europe. This degree opens the door to upper level management and leadership positions. It is also a valuable degree for entrepreneurs who are looking for an edge as they develop their own businesses. Upon graduation, students are often considered for promotions and salary increases, and those who are not currently working will find better job prospects because of their additional training.

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