Business studies in Russia take place in one of the country's many universities. With the country's rich heritage, it has developed several institutes of higher learning that are known throughout the world for their excellence in education. Most of these are located in Russia's main cities. As Russia continues to grow into an economic power in the modern world, students who study in one of these schools will position themselves for success in careers involving business related to Russia.

Studying business in Russia gives students the chance to learn about the culture of the country and the business opportunities it provides. MBA programs in Russia give students the skills needed for leadership positions in Russia and nearby countries. The goal of these programs is to give students the skills they need to improve their careers. Many programs are designed to allow working students to continue to work while studying for their MBA. Students are poised for success in business around the globe, with a special emphasis on those companies connected to or directly interacting with Russia. Further doctoral training is a possibility upon graduation as well.

The academic year in Russia runs from September or late August until the end of June. The first semester ends in January, and the second semester starts in February after a winter vacation. Tuition costs will vary depending on the university chosen. Because academic programs in Russia are taught in Russian, students will be required to pass a Russian language exam before being accepted into the program. If they are not fluent enough, they an take language classes to make up the difference.

Universities in Russia