Paraguay is a landlocked country in the central part of South America. It is located southwest of Brazil and northeast of Argentina and shares borders with those two countries as well as with Bolivia. The climate ranges from subtropical to temperate, depending on the region. There is a great deal of rainfall in the eastern part, while the far west ranges to semiarid. Less impacted by tourism than many other countries in South America, it offers an authentic Latin American experience.

Studying Business in Paraguay

It is possible to study business in Paraguay; however, the institutions here generally do not offer instruction in English. Therefore, in order to attend you must be fluent in Spanish. If you do have the appropriate language skills, there are degree programs available at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate levels. There are also some universities that offer various types of diplomas in business.

The time it will take to complete your degree will depend on the institution you attend as well as which degree program you are attending. Bachelor’s degree programs are typically three to four years in length, while master’s programs can take one to two years to complete. A doctorate may require a year or more.

The academic calendar is generally composed of two semesters: one from March or April to July and the other from August to December. Summer courses may be taught in January and February. A diploma program might last just five months or as many as 12 months. There are some institutions that utilize a quarter system.

The cost of your degree will also depend on the level and the university you are attending. A diploma program might cost $550 U.S. A bachelor’s could run you about $8160, a master’s about $8000 and a doctorate around $3700. If the program has a relationship with an institution overseas, it will be likely be more than this. For example, a master’s degree might be as much as $12,500. These costs are for tuition alone and do not include additional fees, supplies, books or room and board.

There’s no question that studying business in Panama can save you money over many other places in the world. The cost of living can be far cheaper as well, particularly if you’re happy to live more like a local than a typical expat. If you’re considering a career path of international business in Latin America, it’s a smart idea to study here so you can get to know the culture and how business is done.