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Officially known as the Kingdom of Netherlands, Nederland (Dutch) is located in western Europe and includes three Caribbean islands in its constituency. Bordered by Germany, Belgium and the North Sea, the Netherlands also shares maritime borders with Germany, Belgium and the U.K. Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, with Rotterdam and the Hague representing its other primary cities. Respected for being the founding member of NATO, the European Union, the G-10 and the World Trade Organization, the Netherlands is also home to five international courts that are currently established in the Hague. Although Dutch is the official language in the Netherlands, nearly 90 percent of its citizens speak English, 70 percent speak German and 30 percent speak French.

Study Business in the Netherlands

Higher Education Schools in the Netherlands Students can study business in Middelbaar beroepsonderwijs (MBO), which are vocational schools that offer one (assistant training), two (basic vocational education) , three (independent programs) and four (middle management) year programs. The Netherlands also has applied science universities and research universities offering bachelor's, master's and PhD degrees. Instruction is standardized to conform to the Bologna process and the ECTS credit system. According to Dutch educational policies, 60 credits equals one year of study (full-time) and one credit equals 28 hours of coursework. Research universities are the only higher education institutions where students can earn a doctorate, the highest degree you can earn in the Netherlands. Why Earn a Business Degree in the Netherlands? Consistently ranked as having one of the top 10 educational systems in the world, the Netherlands also has a complex school system regulated by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Students will receive an excellent education and well-respected degree following completion of a business degree but will need assistance navigating the different levels of vocational programs and which programs to take in order to gain admittance to a university. How Much Does It Cost to Attend a Vocational School or University? The tuition fees may vary from one school to another, also depending on course objectives and degree field. What Kind of Business Degrees are Available in the Netherlands? Many students choose to pursue a Master's of International Business in the Netherlands because of the rapid growth in the international business industry. Business administration, business management and business finance are other popular degrees available in the Netherlands.

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