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Program Description

Master of International Business Administration (iMBA)

Since spring 2004, the Faculty of Economics at Universitat de València has offered the official Master in International Business Administration (iMBA) as a member of the International Business School Alliance (IBSA). This Alliance was established in 2003 and is a growing network of internationally oriented business schools.

Students will receive a dual master award as it is compulsory to study in two different countries within the IBSA network of institutions for one academic year. This is a full-time programme for business graduates and all tuition takes place wholly through English.

The iMBA program provides a unique learning experience designed for both students’ needs and graduates’ opportunities. It goes beyond addressing trade issues between countries by encouraging critical analysis of what makes a business competitive in the international context.

The iMBA program aims to train students:

  • For leadership roles where global themes are paramount in the decision-making process.
  • For positions where an awareness of economic and cultural diversity is as important as professional managerial skills.
  • For fast-changing situations where the ability to adapt quickly can make the difference between business success or failure.
  • For career opportunities where bilingual or multilingual skills are required.


This Official Master has been recognized as an “Innovation Group” of the Universitat de València-Unitat d’Innovació Educativa.

Prospective students

The iMBA program recruits international, innovative students worldwide from diverse cultural, geographical and professional backgrounds. It facilitates strong interaction and the sharing of experience among students. Studying in two different countries and thus encountering both cultures gives students an excellent chance to communicate and live in both environments successfully. The iMBA provides the knowledge and skills necessary for global leadership in the 21st century.

Admission requirements

In order to participate actively and effectively in the imBa program, students need to address the following areas:

  • An undergraduate level degree relevant or cognate to Business Management (e.g. Bachelor Degrees in Business, Economics, Accounting, Finance or Management). If students have another BA degree, it is necessary to give proof of a participation in at least several Management classes and/or provide proof of additional relevant skills or professional experience.
  • A proof of English Language proficiency via recognized testing IELTS or TOEFL (at least 6.5 points in IELTS or 550 in TOEFL, 213 in TOEFL by a computer, 79 in TOEFL by internet). Exemptions may be given to applicants who undertook a substantial part of their undergraduate studies in English.

Please refer to the following here for specific admission instructions in the Universitat de València.

Academic, scientific or professional interest:

In the business world, also in the economy in general, issues are addressed at a global level. Globalization can be defined as the integration of countries thanks to the enormous reduction of costs in transportation and communication and the breakdown of barriers on the free movement among borders of goods, services, capital and knowledge and (to a lesser extent) of people.

This globalization has caused an evolution in the way of conceiving the practice of business in an increasingly competitive world. What before was called international trade, now is called internationalization of companies, since the relations between economic entities are trying to find long-term agreements rather than rely on competitions in the short term. Therefore, in getting involved in the world of business the simultaneous management in many countries, the events that take place in one of them are also relevant for the functioning of the companies of the others. The Master’s Degree in International Business Management wants to give to his/her graduates an education in which global aspects will be considered when they take business decisions.

The understanding of economic and cultural diversity becomes in this Master’s something as important as professional skills or management. The graduates in the Master’s Degree in International Business Management will end up taking jobs in which is essential mobility and adaptability to rapid changes in the environment, and they have to be trained for this. The Master’s offers this experience providing exchanges between the different universities and allowing to students to discover the way of being and the way of working with students from other races and cultures.

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