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Top EMBAs in Horgen in Switzerland 2019

An EMBA or Executive MBA is a graduate-level business degree for professionals and executive. It allows them to study business executive education and work at the same time.

Individuals who have already earned a bachelor’s degree and wish to further increase their knowledge and training can choose to earn a Master of Business Administration, or MBA. An MBA is a two-year program that may help prepare graduates for a career in leadership and management in the business world.

Executive MBA Programs in Horgen in Switzerland

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Zurich Institute of Business Education

5 Part-Time Global EMBA - 2018 Ranking CEIBS GEMBA courses are seamlessly integrated across all our locations. Reduced travel time, maximise your business trips an ... [+]

#14 Part-Time Global EMBA - 2018 Ranking

CEIBS Global Executive MBA is a part-time 20-month programme with a strong focus on managerial issues, coupled with leadership development and coaching sessions. You will receive a world-class education with a unique vantage point of bridging the rapidly changing business and economic landscape of Europe, Asia and Africa. The Global EMBA programme is for high-potential upper-level entrepreneurs and executives, to advance their careers by deeply enriching and developing their leadership skills and analytical ability. On completion of the courses, you are expected to achieve the following four objectives:

Understand and be able to apply fundamental concepts from the basic business domains of Accounting & Finance, Economics & Decision Sciences, Marketing, and Management. Be able to integrate knowledge and concepts across functional areas to diagnose and solve complex business problems. Understand the unique challenges of operating in various business environments as an integrated part of the global economy. Understand and be able to apply appropriate leadership behavior and skills for enhancing personal and organizational effectiveness. ... [-]
Switzerland Horgen
February 2020
60 - 78 days
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